Welcome to MyCLiKC! - Malaysia Customs Learning and Knowledge Community

MyCLiKC is the official e-learning portal for AKMAL lecturers and customs staffs. MyCLiKC is deployed using Moodle (Current Version: 3.7) as our Learning Management System. Currently 30 courses developed by WCO offered by AKMAL can be found in this portal. MyCLiKC enables smooth course administration, delivery and management between lecturers, student and course administrator.

Disseminate training
Through the WCO e-learning courses, customs knowledge is a few clicks away. More than 250 hours of courses on various customs subjects are now available. Take a demo course!

All officers from the Royal Malaysian Customs Department can be registered and access the courses for free.

Produce and store teaching contents
The MyCLiKC! portal is also used to capitalize and standardize customs expertise, and manage knowledge created by both in-house experts and accredited experts.

Collaborate to strengthen knowledge
This collaborative platform allows strengthening Customs training initiatives and networks by creating communities gathered around virtual tools to create, comment and design training contents and strategies.


How to access MyCLiKC!
In order to get access to MyCLiKC!, you should contact your national co-ordinator. More details on the registration process are available on the FAQ section.

Come Join us

Email your full name, RMCD's email and grade to mastora.ali@customs.gov.my or mazhairul.amin@customs.gov.my to create an account and to access to this portal.